My Backyard: Hiking Seven Falls

Seven Falls, Tucson Arizona

A favorite hike that will never bore or disappoint you in any weather, with or without water is Seven Falls located in the Bear Canyon in Tucson, Arizona.

This is where we found ourselves a few weeks ago.  The day was warming up perfectly and large numbers of people had the same idea as we did, “Let’s go hiking today”.

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Our son, his friend, our niece & nephew, my husband and me, grabbed our backpacks and headed out for the day.  Seven Falls is located just to the east of Sabino Canyon in Bear Canyon.  The hike is a moderate hike of 8.2 miles roundtrip that usually takes the seasoned hiker about 5-6 hours to complete, this depends of course on how long you want to spend at the falls or at any of the beautiful creek side spots that you find along the way. There are numerous times that the trail intersects with the creek, so be warned that you might get wet feet!

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We all had a wonderful day.  Our niece who is 9 and our nephew who is 13 are becoming good hikers and they seem to truly enjoy being outside, in which they are getting tired and dirty feet, getting hot & sweaty or wet & freezing, having sore muscles the next day and totally exhausted but always having a great time hiking, while making lots of memories. Ahh, the joy’s of hiking!! 🙂

Goofing around

Our secret to hiking that we have shared with them and I will share with you is that hiking is not only about getting outside and experiencing the fresh air, exercising or seeing places that take your breath away; hiking is really about the food that you take with you!  We always treat ourselves with good delicious healthy food and a special treat each time we go out. You work hard hiking, because on some hikes you end up walking for half of your waking hours and you tend to build up a pretty good appetite!  For my niece this would be her very own chocolate bar and a bag of cheese popcorn.  Oh and then there is the pizza dinner afterwards that has become a family tradition for us.


If you ever find yourself in southern Arizona and have time for a hike, Seven Falls will not disappoint.

Until next time, have a blessed day.



Please remember to use good common sense and be prepared when going outdoors, good memories are so much better than the bad ones…

All pictures and content belong to Deanna Klell, thanks.