A Treasure Was Found


Look at this beautiful quilt!!  She is a beauty; awesome colors, old, hand quilted and almost pristine.

Wanna take a little guess where I found her?  Nope, not at the antique store and no, not the thrift store.  How about the dumpster!!  A nasty, big city dumpster with tons of ickiness and don’t want to know what is really in there dumpster.  But rest assured, I only got close enough to visually verify that my eyes were not playing tricks on me and yes, there was a quilt sitting on the very top of the full dumpster, that was most likely waiting for the garbage man to come early the next morning.

Can you believe someone tossed this beautiful quilt into the trash? 🙁 That flabbergasted me!

My quilt story;

My mom and I had went to visit my son, who goes to college in another city.  We spent the day with him; visiting, running errands and eating amazing Mexican food-yum and it was late at night when we were leaving his apartment, we had parked out back of the complex and as he was walking us to my vehicle, I spotted the quilt sitting on top of the piles of garbage just waiting for me.

I grabbed the quilt and threw it in a plastic bag (my worried son is warning me about nasty bed bugs and unmentionables at this moment) and brought it home and waited for the next morning to inspect it.

Next morning, after inspecting the quilt, I find only a small area where the quilt had moisture damage, nothing else.  I washed it by hand 4 times, line dried it for the afternoon and then tumbled dried it for 40 minutes on medium heat, to kill any bugs, eggs etc.  Now that it was clean, I looked it over and found an almost perfect hand quilted quilt that had some age to it and now I felt more confident to wash it in the washing machine for a thorough washing.  I dumped 2 cups of vinegar along with the detergent in case there were any lingering smells and then dried it in the dryer on medium again, until it was dried.  Voila,  a new to me vintage, full-sized quilt!!

IMG_3169     IMG_3167

I have no idea why someone threw this away, the thought of throwing away all of the time, creativity, expense and love that went into making this quilt makes me so sad.  Sad, that we as a society don’t realize the importance of hand-made and that we find it so easy to throw things away without any thought of the object.

Anyways, I am so thankful to have been able to rescue her (she has the brightest pink on the backside and maybe one day I might have a grand-daughter to gift her to 🙂 ).

Just a little blessing that I wanted to share, until next time, have a blessed DAY!!




All pictures and content belong to Deanna Klell, thanks.




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