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Life has been going wonderful these past two weeks and I am so thankful.  I have been feeling so good and healthy and as I go throughout my days, I find myself constantly thanking Father God for this gift.  Without going into much detail, the previous year had been filled to the brim with ill-health and a complete loss of vitality.  So now as I am being healed, feeling normal is utterly AMAZING!!  I do not want to take one day for granted, of course I will goof up (yep admitting that right now 😉 ), but I at least want to be conscious of my gifts and hopefully this keeps me humble.


Last week our son turned 21.  Luckily his fall break coincided with his birthday.  So we had a wonderful weekend hanging out with him and his girlfriend. He asked for pumpkin pies instead of a cake and we grilled a tri-tip, had fresh vegetables, mashed potatoes, homemade bread and chocolate cupcakes.  We played his favorite game “Clue” and went to church, caught a movie and had lunch with Grandpa and a cousin.  This is a parents dream for your child’s young man’s 21st birthday.  We have been extremely blessed to have been given the job of raising this young man!

101_0117 IMG_0720 IMG_0848

IMG_3961 IMG_2534 IMG_6091

I hope to make the best of each day that I am given and take notice of my gifts and blessings that surround me every day.  I hope that you do too…life truly is precious.

Until next time, have a blessed day.



All pictures belong to Deanna Klell


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