My Backyard: Canoeing at Patagonia Lake

Patagonia Lake Arizona

On the border of Arizona and Mexico, is the town of Nogales.  This border town isn’t always portrayed favorably in the media.  Well I say push the media to the side and let me share with you some of the things that will make it a wonderful day or weekend destination.

The town is small, quaint and charming.  I worked there for about 8 months years ago and I met some of the nicest people that I still remember.  The food is amazing, authentic Sonoran Mexican food, that you will always hunger for once you have had it!

Located just east of Nogales is Patagonia State Park, run by the state of Arizona.  This lake and campground are one of our favorite places to get away to.  We live smack dab in the middle of the dry desert and we own a 3 person canoe and a kayak just to be able to enjoy this beautiful lake.  The elevation is 3,750 feet, this higher elevation creates a diverse landscape that has a large variety of plants, birds and animals and the temperature is on average 10 degrees cooler than Tucson.

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It is around an hour drive from our house and the other afternoon we headed out for a late afternoon and evening paddle.  The weather was just perfect; we took our dinner to eat and once you get out on the lake, there are campsites/picnic sites that are only accessible by boat.  This makes for some beautiful and private places to visit.

This afternoon we saw ducks, great blue herons, hummingbirds, and a flock of swallows that flew around us just as the sun was setting.  The bird watching is never dull, according to the website’s official list for April, there were over 112 different birds that were sighted within the park.  We don’t fish, but this is a popular destination for the fishermen and women.   Last year, a 56 pound catfish was caught, I know I’m glad that I didn’t have to pull that one in!!

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We even got to see some fall color and enjoyed a beautiful sunset and paddled back into the marina after dark with the whole lake to ourselves and the crickets serenading us.  Granted this was a Monday evening, come the weekends you won’t be the only ones around, then you get to hear people enjoying themselves and listen to the children playing and laughing while they are camping.




End of the Day on Patagonia Lake

If you are ever in the area or if you do live around here and have never been, we highly suggest spending a day here or the weekend if you have more time. It is such a beautiful part of our state and going for a day trip is one of our favorite things to do, you never know what you will find or whom you will meet when you get out on the road and start exploring!! 😉

Until next time, have a blessed day.


October 2015




All pictures belong to Deanna Klell




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