Hello world!


Hello World, anyone out there?

You know in that moment you find yourself, the one you have been thinking about or waiting to happen, and then realize it is right now and it is staring at you waiting for you to make a move.

Well today is the day and I am making my move.  I guess the idea behind this blog is to be able to share our knowledge and information with the world we know as the internet.  My husband and I have learned and taken so much into our lives from the web and we thought that maybe we could give something back finally.  We are a community, maybe not a physical one, but nevertheless a community and if we can make a connection with just one other person.  This connection can be as simple as sharing a recipe or picture or as serious as sharing our faith with another.

There is no better time than now to make a move and find out what the Promise of Today holds!



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