My Knitting Story


“Oh knitting, how I love thee.  Let me count the ways!”

I remember watching “Mama’s Family” the TV show, when I was a kid and Mama would sit in her chair and knit and of course gripe at everyone!  After that, I always had the desire to learn to knit, but didn’t know anyone who did.  I learned how to crochet a little from a friend of my Dad when I was 12 and then one of my sisters taught me how to do granny square blankets when I was in high school.  So I ended up making a few of them and eventually taught my Mom.  She still makes blankets for family and friends.

So time went by and one day about 10 years ago, walking through Barnes and Noble, there in the bargain section I see a “Learn to Knit” kit for $7 and odd change.  In all of its beautiful glory: pink plastic needles size (7), 4 skeins of cheap fingering weight acrylic yarn (2 pink & 2 white) and 20 cards of amazing patterns to make!  It was fate and it was mine.

The instructions that came with the kit were pretty vague and not realizing the yarn and needles included were the wrong type, especially for beginners and there was no You Tube, so I was on my own.  I did eventually teach myself how to knit from several books and trial and error and I have loved knitting ever since.

As I was typing this up, I realized that I never made a project from the patterns included in the kit!  But I still have the 4 skeins of that yarn in my stash, a little bit of nostalgia and memories of a humble beginning.  I guess that’s how life goes sometimes and as they say “The rest is history”.

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