Hello to you and thank you for wondering who we are.  Our names are Michael and Deanna, children of Lord Yeshua HaMashiach.

We were both born and raised in the beautiful desert of Arizona. We are 41 and 43 respectively and have been married for 22 years and are parents to our son, who will be 21.  Michael works in the medical field and I am a stay at home wife and mom.

We are just entering the third year of our empty nest phase of life and have aspirations that we would like to embark upon.  So we have decided that we will chronicle them into a blog;  something along the lines of a “Baby Book” for empty nesters!

Our son was just entering 1st grade, when we decided that we were going to homeschool him.  So what began as we thought an education for him turned into an education and way of life for all three of us.  We wanted to teach our son that learning was life long and the best teacher you can have is yourself.  If you want to do something new and you don’t know how, well start learning.  We homeschooled him for almost 10 years, he finished his last 3 years of high school at public school.  In the meantime, we learned: to hike, backpack, rock climb, road cycling, photography, to play the classical guitar & electric guitar, gardening, outdoor survival skills, to cook, knitting, how to identify plants and animals, swimming, to play soccer & play tennis, art appreciation, that we love to travel, camping, volunteering, public speaking and the list goes on.

My husband and I would like to add to the list above, I am an avid knitter, baker and cook.  I am now interested in learning to sew and improving my photography skills and volunteering and my husband is interested in outdoor grilling, woodworking and identifying birds and it is going to take both of us to working together to figure this blog thing out!!

We want to share our love of Christ, life and love with you and find out what the Promise of Today holds for all of us.

Love One Another Always,

Michael and Deanna Klell

August 2015


PS  Our son is heading into his second half of his Junior year at University, majoring in Nursing.



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