Yarn Along #4

Fall Time In Southern Arizona

There comes a time in early Fall, I become a little melancholy while reflecting back on the year and realizing there are only a few months left to go until the year ends.  Time literally seems to fly by, I hear everyone saying the same thing and I wonder has it always been this way or does our perspective change as we go through our lives?  I think that maybe it is because everyone is so busy running around with hectic schedules, but then I talk to my Mom, who lives a very quiet simple life, and she agrees and is amazed at how fast her weeks go by.  So it seems time must be in a hurry too!

My son will have his 21st birthday in a few weeks and this I look at with sweet sadness, gone is the child and here is the man; a beautiful man.  How fast the years have sped by, it seems like yesterday he was playing dress up; he dressed like a ‘Cowboy’ for a year: a hat, boots, vest, the whole outfit everyday.  Now he lives in a different city with his own apartment, going to college and taking care of himself, he will always be the “Boy”; and he is everything we have hoped for and more. The best advice that I can offer any parent is ‘keep them as close as you can and for as long as possible’, don’t shelter them but protect them. My husband and I will both tell anyone without hesitation, one of the best things we ever did was homeschool our son.  Oh Time, you can make a Mother’s heart sad and sing at the same time!!

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Me and My Boy

As I sit here reflecting back, I must also look forward to today and see the opportunities and not let them slip through my fingers.  Because if time is in just as much of a hurry as the rest of the world, I do not want to miss out, like the saying “You only have one life to live, make it count”.  I hear the echoes of “Jack” from the movie Titanic ;-).

So now that I have shared my wee sobby story, how about a little cheering up?  You know what cheers me up?  My knitting and all of my projects that are wanting to be finished up and then the exciting new patterns and wonderful yarns that are waiting for me to cast them on!!!  Well if we all agree time is in short supply, let me stop lolly gagging around here…and share my knitting projects and what book I am enjoying.

Joining Ginny and everyone at Small Things for the Yarn Along.


This past week found me finishing 2 pairs of socks and my scarf that wanted to be a cowl and I just love those kind of weeks.  Please don’t let me fool you, that kind of progress is not an every week thing, just when the projects start bugging me to finish them!

So today I am sharing my new socks, Cheshire Kitty.  These are a birthday gift for my son.  I have a couple of weeks to finish them up and they will be the standard 2 x 2 ribbing vanilla sock that I usually make for him.  He has picked out the yarns for his next 5 pairs and I happily knit away, because he wears his socks everyday of the year, even to his lifeguard job in the middle of the summer, yep even here in HOT southern Arizona.

Cheshire Kitty

My other knitting project is my Oaklet Shawl, I mentioned this project 3 Yarn Alongs ago.  I picked this up again and I knit on this when my husband and I get our Longmire fix.  We don’t watch TV, but we enjoy a few series on Netflix and Longmire has gotten so much better in the 3rd and 4th seasons.  I enjoy mysteries and they don’t make many men like Longmire anymore, oh and the scenery is nice too.

Pacific Memories

You can find these and all my other projects over on my ravelry page.


I am still reading Becoming Odyssa: Epic Adventures on the Appalachian Trail, by Jennifer Pharr Davis.  I love hiking and backpacking and have not been able to very much the past year because of health reasons, so reading this is a decent substitute, but there is nothing like being in the Great Outdoors.  One day we want to do a thru hike, it is on our list; we just don’t know what number it is yet?


Until next time, have a blessed day!




All pictures belong to Deanna Klell




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