Yarn Along #5: WIP’s


Fall Time on Mt. Lemmon, Southern Arizona

The Fall time of the year is an exciting time for us knitters, isn’t it?  The weather is turning cooler, for some it is already cold, and it’s time to bring out the warm knitted goodies.  I was able to wear a pair of socks yesterday evening for the first time since the spring, whoo-hoo!!   Side note; it was in the 60’s, I had the windows open and it was very breezy and stormy and I got cold.  I know  some people are like, “What?, The temperature was in the 60’s and she was cold!”  Yep, I can’t help it when for the last 5 months our average temperature has been over 100 degrees F.  So doing the math, that is a 40 degree difference within a short time frame.  This makes it completely acceptable to be cold plus I am a very cold-blooded person.  I would never make it where it is truly “COLD”, nope never, I admire you people who live where the sun doesn’t shine 360 days of the year.  You are all amazing to me.

Because I am a  wimpy “cold-blooded” person, I can get away with wearing warm woolies during our Arizona winter, cooler time of the year.

Speaking of knitting, I am joining Ginny’s Yarn Along over at her blog, Small Things.  It is great to see what everyone else is knitting and reading.


Right now there are so many awesome cold weather knitting patterns that I want to cast on and some great knit-a-longs I would love to join; but I am using self-restraint to say NO, for I have too many WIP’s that I must finish up.  You know that feeling, the guilt you feel when you start to think about all of your projects just waiting for you.  I only want to feel excitement about my knitting not guilt.   So my goal I have set for the month of October is to finish half of my WIP’s, not counting my socks.

So my list of WIP’s is as follows:

  • French Cancan, I just have to finish the applied border.  I am using Baby Alpaca Aire, by Plymouth.  It is unbelievably squishy.


  • Aidez, This one needs a lot more of my attention, but I am doing the back and 2 fronts all as one and this really does make it go a lot faster. Serious attention, my poor Mom is waiting for it to be done.   🙁


  • BUX, I wanted a new hat for the cooler days and this should be done by tonight, super easy pattern and the yarn is a very soft combination of 67% cotton, 25% wool and 8% silk.  The color, Palm Tree, is a light natural green and it’s so hard to get an accurate picture of the color.


  • Oaklet Shawl, I just love mindless knitting and this shawl is perfect for watching a show and knitting or reading.  Another color that does not want to show up accurately.


I very much want to reach my goal and finish these up, lots of excitement and no guilt. The way knitting should be, right? 😉  Wish me luck!

Do you like to have numerous WIP’s at a time or do you like to stay focused on one project at a time?  I am always curious to find out.

You can find all of these projects and the rest of my WIP’s over on my ravelry page!!


I was unable to do much reading in the last week that is worth mentioning.  Hopefully this week will be better.

Enjoy the season and all of the wonderful knitting!

Until next time, have a blessed day.





All pictures belong to Deanna Klell


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  1. Wow you’ve got so much on the go, yay for knitting! I’m a fellow ‘wimpy’ cold person too, although I live in Scotland which is a terrible place for me haha! I love this time of year when it’s still mild (about 12C) but wait til March and I’m desperate to take myself off to anywhere with a temperature in double figures! 🙂

    1. Elise, I enjoy having a lot of projects on the needles and love all the variety that knitting has to offer, but sometimes I do get a little overwhelmed at how many WIP’s I have! I bet that living in Scotland has it’s awesome perks along with the COLD, I would love to visit your country one day, but it would have to be in the warm months ;-). Stay warm this winter, got to love the wool. Deanna

  2. Look at all those beauties on the needles! Love each and every one to bits.
    Wasn’t today’s temps in AZ a treasure. Ah, the feeling of being able to open the windows and feel fresh cool air floating in, never gets old.
    Enjoy your day!

    1. Andi, The cool air is a treasure indeed, the little things like turning off the AC are the best! I am totally excited about finishing my projects, especially my Mom’s sweater. I have put it off too long and I know she will greatly appreciate it. Enjoy the cool air, it looks like the temps are going to climb back up for a while ☀️?☀️ Deanna

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