Yarn Along #6: Balance

Sacred Datura

Balance.  What does balance mean to you?

Balance can be applied to the smallest things in life to the items so large that you cannot wrap your mind around them.

I know I want some things in my life balanced and then I want others totally out of balance.  Ok, now you’re thinking that seems pretty odd to say, until you really start thinking about them.

As a believer in Jesus Christ, I want the balance of righteousness and evil completely tipped to the righteous side, salvation instead of death, always the light and never any darkness.

As a wife, I want my husband’s love tipped only to the love side, never to the side of strife, fear, impatience and hatred.

As a human, I want the balance of my health tipped all the way to the side without disease or illness, never the side of sickness or feeling bad.

I think about my life, where I have come from, where I am now and where I am headed, and I must try to choose what I want balanced and unbalanced.

  • LOVE > hatred
  • COMPASSION > cruelty
  • REPENTANCE > sin
  • FAITH > disbelief
  • PEACE > despair
  • EMPATHY > apathy

and the list goes on & on

Those above are some of the largest ones for me, then there are the smaller ones.

My knitting and works in progress have sent me down this bunny trail; funny thing about knitting, it looks like a small thing in life, but then I think most knitters would disagree with that idea ( am I right, knitters? 🙂 ).  I have been seriously knitting on my WIP’s and have a few goals set for the month of October and I guess I have been wanting to unbalance my projects!  Amazing how the act of knitting gets your mind working in so many different ways.

I am joining Ginny over at her blog, Small Things, to share what I am knitting on and what I am reading about.  Everyone always impresses and inspires me.


I have finished my Bux hat.  It has been awhile since I knit myself a hat and this one I enjoyed knitting and it is a perfect hat for this time of the year.


My French Cancan is almost done!  I started this in January, knit to the applied border, messed up, ripped out, lost interest, started knitting it again and have totally fallen in love with it.  Go figure, this seems to be something I do quite often, just a little quirk of my knitting life.  I am knitting this shawl using an aran weight yarn instead of DK the pattern calls for and this shawl is so squishy and soft, it is going to be perfect for me when I am freezing here in the desert.

Lizzy Liz helping me with my shawl.

I have been knitting an Oaklet Shawl, and am just about to start the lace section, with only around 21 rows till bind off, woo-hoo.  I hope that I won’t be playing yarn chicken at the end, keep your fingers crossed for me.  I am in love with the colors and how vibrant they are, LOVE LOVE LOVE.


Last but not least is my Mother’s Aidez.  My Mom loves pink, any shade of pink and so this Raspberry color is perfect for her and the bulky weight should keep her nice and warm.  She has arthritis in her back and is constantly cold, so hopefully this will be a winner.


So here I am trying to balance my knitting life,

  • KNITTING > no knitting
  • WIP’S > new projects
  • BINDING OFF > casting on
  • USING STASH YARN > buying new yarn
  • QUEUED PATTERNS > looking for new patterns
  • EXISTING ACCESSORIES > buying new accessories

and the list goes on & on 😉

You can find all of my projects over on my ravelry page.


I haven’t been reading much in my free time, again unbalanced reading time, big ‘SIGH’.  Maybe one day with enough practice I will get this balance thing balanced out!!

Until next time, have a blessed day.




All pictures belong to Deanna Klell



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