Yarn Along: No Worries Here

Pacific Memories

This little shawl I enjoyed making until operator errors started showing up and of course those errors were caught a little too late and I told myself “You can live with them, they are not that noticeable”, so on I went then I see the big error, dropped stitches in the center with a combination of yarn overs and 3 stitch decreases, Oh boy what do I do now?  Well yes of course, I ended up making a bigger mess trying to fix the problem then what I started with.  Don’t you just love when you do that or am I the only one who does things like that??

So after a couple hours (not in one sitting, too frustrated) of “fixing” my mistake and a complete loss of any knitting skills and confidence I thought I possessed, my shawl would pass the quick scan by a non-knitting person.  My lovely husband consoled me with “You won’t notice it and blocking will make it all better.”; I just love that man!  Well I finally finished knitting it and washed it, the Madtosh yarn did bleed even after 3 baths.

While I was blocking it out jumps my big center mistake that for whatever reason I could not see while it was on the needles.  So after some thought I decided to take some thread the same color and tack the two stitches where they needed to be and I called it even and was done.

May I present my Oaklet shawl and all of it’s beautiful glory!! 😉


The moral of the story; don’t sweat the big things in life and don’t sweat the small things in life.  NO WORRIES…

Now with most of my WIP’s off the needles, I am rewarding myself with some new yarn and projects, woo-hoo and of course all of the frustration from the above project is quickly forgotten.  This is when you know you love something.

Joining Ginny over at her blog Small Things for the yarn along this week.

Until next time, have a blessed day.




All pictures belong to Deanna Klell


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    1. Susan, I couldn’t leave this yarn on the shelf, I am a sucker for the turquoise blues. I keep telling myself that I don’t have favorite colors, but I think I am losing this game!

  1. Deanna, it does look beautiful. And I love the close-up shot. It shows the softness of the yarn, and helps me imagine that lovely shawl wrapped around my shoulders.

    1. Becki, Thank you oh this shawl no matter how much frustration I created for myself, I have loved it from the beginning all the way to the end. Deanna

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