Yarn Along: Thankful

My Front Yard This November

Hello to Ginny and everyone over at the Yarn Along!!

My family and I pray for blessings of love, peace and joy to you and your loved ones this Thanksgiving and everyday.

I find myself busy and hurried this week, just like the rest of the world, and this turns into an internal struggle for me.  I need to remember to tell myself what things are important and focus on them instead of being overly ambitious.  I am so thankful and I know how blessed my life is; there is so much beauty in life if we look for it.  Yes, I know the world is hurting, it will always be, sorry I am a realist; but yet there is love, there is goodness, there is beauty and there is hope.

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.  1 Chronicles 16:34



I finished up my son’s socks, he named these Cheshire Kitty, after the famous kitty cat of Alice in Wonderland.  The color is a very nice deep color, this was my first time using Cascade sock yarn and even after knitting his socks with a 7″ cuff, I still have a nice amount leftover.  I have a large bag that has all of my sock yarn remnants and I have not decided what to do with them.  I am not sure I want to make a Cozy Memories blanket or the Barn Raising Square blanket, maybe I will make a decision someday, until then my bag keeps getting fuller!

How about some turkey pics to commemorate TURKEY DAY!! 😉




These pictures were taken at Madera Canyon in the Santa Rita Mountains of southern Arizona, which is a beautiful place that is famous with bird watchers.  There are birds of all sizes from hummingbirds to the local wild/tame turkey flock.  These guys are a lot of fun to watch, they hang out under the bird feeders that are hung by the owners of the Santa Rita Lodge, pretty convenient for the turkeys wouldn’t you say.

Until next time, have a blessed day.




All pictures belong to Deanna Klell

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